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Dr. Adam Pendleton


Dr. Adam Pendleton (He/Him/His) is both the efficacious and nonconforming psychiatrist. He is ABPN dual-board certified in adult and geriatric psychiatry, LGBTQ+ allied, and is other doctors’ go-to psychiatrist.

Dr. Pendleton’s practice, Pendleton Medical Group, not only surpasses the expertise of your primary care doctor and nurse practitioners but also provides a more direct and personal treatment option for your mental health. Adam himself is unfiltered, no nonsense, and down-to-earth.

(Literally. He loves to farm in his free time.)

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With an extensive medical training background, plus eight years of successfully treating patients from all walks of life and mental health conditions in the state of Utah, Dr. Pendleton goes a step further by flipping the mental health field on its head: tearing down barriers to the quality care you deserve.

Why Choose Pendleton?

One example is how Pendleton Medical Group does not accept insurance or Medicare. Why? Because it benefits you. Dr. Pendleton’s cash-only policy cuts to the quick, avoiding the paperwork and contingencies of insurance, and ultimately expedites your treatment plan. Dr. Pendleton also believes cash-only adds a layer of confidentiality that has benefited many of his patients.

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Benefits of Cash-Only

More Interaction

  • With no red tape or extensive paperwork to file for insurance, more time can be devoted to interacting with the patient directly.
  • More time spent with the patient = more time to determine the right treatment option.

Fast, Effective Treatment

  • Most insurance companies require, on average, 8 weeks’ trial time for medication.
  • Instead of jumping through insurance hoops, you can begin the proposed treatment option right away.
  • If a treatment option doesn’t work for you, the trial time does not apply to you in order to switch gears.

Added Confidentiality

  • Confidentiality should never be a concern when it comes to your mental health. Your mental health is a top priority, no matter your profession, religion, or family situation.
  • Cash-pay provides patients an added layer of security and privacy, with no unwanted insurance inquiries or claims.